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APS offers a selection of the leading supermarket and grocery point of sale system (POS) software and hardware for grocers and retailers:

APS POS Grocery Store System
✔ POS Terminals

✔ POS Scanner-Scales

✔ POS Printers

✔ Checkout Counters

✔ Electronic Shelf Labelling

✔ Video Surveillance

✔ Scales Systems

✔ Payment Terminals

✔ Digital Signage

✔ Inventory Collection Devices

✔ Self-Checkout

✔ Price Checkers

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Take the guesswork out of Inventory management

✔ Track items, costs, purchase orders, product movement and more.

✔ Set target margins and prices based on your own data.

✔ Alerts that lets you know when a given item is at the re-order point.

✔ Track inventory year to year, month to month for comparison purposes.

✔ Physical inventory count with the use of wireless portable scanner.

Build an strong base of loyal customers

✔ Give customers customized rewards based on their purchase history.

✔ Send personalized promotions and coupons based on their purchase history.

✔ Set price levels based on customers levels.

✔ Print coupons based on items purchased.

Identify and better serve your customers

✔ Track your most and least profitable customers.

✔ Track your customers buying habits.

✔ Price levels give the ability to assign special prices to special customers.

Empower Employee Management

✔ Empower Employee Management

✔ Track cashier efficiency with reports such as rings/min, average sales per hour, and more are all easily accessible.

✔ Manage the lanes with blind tills and see which cashiers are over or short.

✔ Customize roles for each employee according to your store’s needs.

Enterprise Management

Easily set up product or inventory departments and categories, inventory items, purchase orders and vendors for single or multiple locations, order transfers between sites, generate reports, and manage employees, job codes, time clock and wages.

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An Integrated Supermarket Management Approach

Automate your point of sale, inventory management, supplier management, and purchasing, shipping and receiving processes and have a full management of your business

Track your business from your phone

Theft prevention

  • Electronic journal designed to track down fraud by providing a simple audit record of each transaction.

  • Built-in Lane Monitoring application for viewing POS transactions from your back-office.

  • Direct integration with your Security Camera System.

Track your business from your phone

Track your business from your phone

  • View and compare store sales data Track company-wide metrics Analyze customer and basket trend

Track your business from your phone

Unlimited flexible reporting

  • A wide variety of reports necessary to make the right decisions.

  • Store Sales Analysis, Product Sales, Safe Accounting, Employee Performance, Customer Purchasing Patterns and more.


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Your Partner for Success

We do more than just install your POS system. We are committed to the success of our customers and strive to develop a relationship built of trust and performance.

  • Business Consulting

  • Project Management

  • Training & Installation Services

  • Customer Support

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Our dedicated team is what sets us apart from the competition

The APS Customer Service Center-CSC is capable of providing you with a service solutions package customized to meet your needs. Whether you desire 24x7x365 coverage or a plan designed around the hours of your existing helpdesk or coverage on a per incident basis, the CSC can and will meet those needs.

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